Help UBC students, faculty, and staff call for UBC to be a leader in addressing climate change.

While UBC calls itself as global leader in "advancing a civil and sustainable society," by investmenting in the full scale of the fossil fuel industry the university is directly betting against our future and for a status quo of climate inaction. Demonstrating excellence in “all aspects of economic, environmental, and social sustainability” necessitates that UBC divest from fossil fuels.

Fossil fuel divestment is an official policy of the AMS and was voted for by 77% of students and 62% of faculty in Univeristy wide referendums.

Help call for climate action and help UBC!

  1. Pledge to postpone donations to UBC until UBC commits to fully divesting from fossil fuels and your donations can be invested safely in a fossil free fund.
  2. Contact the UBC Board and President to let them know you want action on climate change.
  3. Help our campaign by donating to UBCC350.

Tell UBC you want climate action and divestment.


Send your email to:,,

UBC counts the emails they get about divestment and climate action. You can have a big impact by emailing and calling the Board and Administration.

You can reach the UBC Board at and 604 822 2127, and the Office of the President at and 604 822 8300.

To the right is a sample letter you can cut and paste and send - please change it as you wish!

Dear UBC Board of Governors,

Climate change is an urgent and unprecedented crisis, and we must all do our part to address it. That UBC remains invested in the full scale of the fossil fuel industry is inconsistent with the need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and is inconsistent with our University’s commitment to sustainability.

I am deeply disappointed that UBC has not undertaken a fair and informed consideration of fossil fuel divestment - particularly given the overwhelming support for divestment in university-wide votes by both students and faculty. I call upon UBC to correct this immediately.

Creating a “Sustainable Future Fund” that will include coal, oil, and natural gas does not support the excellence and sustainability we would like UBC to be known for.

Until UBC commits to divesting from fossil fuels, I will postpone any donations to the university I love.

[your name, degree, and year]