Letter to President Ono and the BOG

We’re asking everyone from the UBC community who cares about climate change to email President Ono and the UBC Board.


To make this easy you can use the form email below. If you are able to write a sentence or two about your affiliations with UBC’s community at the beginning, please do so as it will add a more personal touch.

Please send the email to President Ono at presidents.office@ubc.ca and the UBC Board at bog.ubc@ubc.ca and please CC us at ubcc350@gmail.com so we can track the responses.


To Professor Ono and UBC Board of Governors,


Thank you for showing climate leadership by working to create UBC’s new Sustainable Future Fund. As a UBC [student, alumnus, staff, professor] I appreciate the time and effort put in by the Board to ensure this fund helps move UBC and our society forward on addressing climate change.

I’m reaching out to you today to express my support for making the Sustainable Future Fund fossil free.

Climate change is one of greatest challenges currently facing humanity. I ask UBC, as a world leader in sustainability and an institution that serves society, to take bold measures by doing all we can to address climate change. As a member of the UBC community I support UBC aligning our investments with our values and doing everything we can for a better future.

UBC has an opportunity to show the climate leadership our society needs by creating a fund that is free of fossil fuel holdings. I see the creation of the SFF as a step towards the full divestment that students and faculty have voted for. I look forward to seeing UBC’s plan to transition the full endowment to the Sustainable Future Fund to reach the community’s goal of divestment.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to your UBC community.

[Signed: your name, UBC Alumni/Student/Staff/Faculty]