We organize and advocate for climate action on and off campus. Our campaigns involve calling for UBC to divest from fossil fuels, encouraging voters to vote with climate in mind and supporting genuine climate leadership at all levels of government. We organize rallies, panel discussions, teach-ins, candidates debates, canvasses and coffeehouses. Want to help us fight climate change? Join us!

UBC Divestment

UBC, Break Up with Big Oil - Aerial Photoshoot - 13 February, 2019

For Valentine’s day 2019 we asked UBC to break up its toxic relationship with big oil, and the culmunation of our #BreakUpWithBigOil campaign was an aerial photoshoot in the shape of an “X” outside the AMS Nest. We got lots of people out, had a public show of support for divestment, and had lots of fun!

Divest and Digest - 20 November, 2018

We settled in for a cozy evening at Seedlings with dialogue-sparking presentations from Ida Manuel, Emilia Belliveau, Bruno Lam and Colton Kasteel, and Kate Hodgson, and heard a great diversity of interesting perspectives on divestment and climate justice!

Let’s Talk About Divestment - 24 October, 2018

As our kick-off divestment event of fall 2018, we set out to raise awareness and get students involved with divestment. At our booth outside the AMS Nest we canvassed and hosted dialogue on divestment and climate justice, and unfurled a banner on the Nest showing our support for divestment.

Powering Our Future: A Path to Climate Safe Energy - 15 March, 2018

In March, we organized an event with Common Energy to discuss the technologies, policies, and social aspects surrounding a just transition away from fossil fuels. The event explored how transitioning away from a fossil-fuel based economy can be an opportunity to rebuild our current economic and social structures to address societal inequalities and to simultaneously create jobs in emergying sectors that prioritize community needs, and will endure for generations to come. 

Divest the Globe Canvassing - 26 October, 2017

On Oct 23rd, ninety-two of the world's largest banks met in São Paulo, Brazil to discuss policies on climate, and the rights of Indigenous peoples. Among these banks are some of the most important funders of projects like the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. We joined Indigenous-led organization Mazaska Talks in a campaign to Divest the Globe and demand that these financiers adhere to investment principles that respect the rights of Indigenous peoples and don't perpetuate climate change. You can still sign the petition here.

Board of Governors Meetings

Given the Board of Governors' refusal to undertake any reasonable consideration of divestment or consultation with the UBC community on the endowment's fossil fuel investments, we realized that it was necessary to take the discussion directly to them. We've attended many Board meetings to hand out letters directly to the Governors and speak of the imperative for climate action - we will continue to make a presence at Board meetings until UBC takes full responsibility for its investments.

teach in cover photo.png

Fossil Fuel Divestment 101 - March 9, 2017

We ran through a history of the divestment campaign from its very beginnings and heard from a variety of students that have played pivotal roles in the movement. We discussed where divestment at UBC is right now, what the approval of the Sustainable Future Fund means, and how everyone in the UBC community can get involved. 


  • Julie Van de Valk

  • Alex Hemingway

  • Stephanie Glanzmann

  • Michelle Marcus

  • Anna Howard

Thanks to UBC Student Environment Centre (SEC) for their support!

Climate and Health - November 9, 2016

Dr. Courtney Howard, the ER doctor who led the Canadian Medical Association divestment charge, came to talk to us about the negative medical effects of climate change on patients. She discussed her work in arctic communities and her role in the Canadian Medical Association’s divestment decision.

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Fossil Fools Day - April 1, 2016

On the same day as April Fools Day, we celebrated our own version with a Fossil Fools Day event right in front of the new Student Union Building!

We talked to many people passing by, invited them to sign our open letter to the new president and got decked out in orange divestment pride, cookies and face paint included. It was heartening to see many supporters among the student body. The highlight of the event was our banner drop from the top of the Nest!

Divestment Teach-In - February 9, 2016


The UBC Board is pushing against fossil fuel divestment. We pushed back by organizing a teach-in, modelled after those in the 1960's and 90's, to get folks up to speed about the state of divestment at UBC after the Board of Governors decision, and what it means for the UBC community.

We were joined by speakers Marc Lee, co-director of the Climate Justice Project (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), Anjali Appadurai, climate policy communication expert (West Coast Environmental Law), JP Harrison (President of Genus Capital Management), as well as UBCC350’s Alexander Hemingway and Emmett Keyserlingk. They lead a timely discussion about fossil fuel divestment.


Why UBC Should Divest from Fossil Fuels - November 5, 2013

As the fossil fuel divestment movement swept across the globe, we organized a discussion on divestment as concerned, active members of UBC's community. This event built on our goal to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly future by campaigning for full divestment from fossil fuel holdings in UBC's endowment.


Tzeporah Berman, renowned environmental organizer
Marc Lee, from the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives
Justin Ritchie, UBC graduate student
Cohen Hocking, UBCC350 student coordinator
MC - Molly Henry, UBCC350


Young Climate Voters - Provincial Election, Spring 2017

10426551_915289465159408_2847791672473425365_n - Copy.jpg

A coalition of students from UBC, SFU, CapU, and UVic formed to encourage fellow students to vote with climate in mind during the 2017 BC Election. The Young Climate Voters’ Together for Tomorrow campaign was covered by a variety of media, including the Globe and Mail, the Tyee, Rabble, the Georgia Straight, and Desmog Canada.

UBCC350 brought the campaign to campus by canvassing in residences twice every week in the months leading up to the election to talk with students about how, when, and where they can vote, as well as discuss the values represented by candidates. Using materials developed through the Together for Tomorrow campaign, we encouraged students to vote with tangible climate action, indigenous sovereignty, a secure economy, and a clean democracy in mind.

Point Grey Candidates Debate - Provincial Election, April 13, 2017

Presented with the AMS and facilitated by the Ubyssey, this event was a chance to hear Point Grey candidates discuss and debate questions related to student needs, as well as questions about sustainability and infrastructure. In attendance were NDP candidate David Eby, Liberal candidate James Lombardi, and Green Candidate Amanda Konkin. The conservative candidate did not attend.



Vote for Our Future - Federal Election, October 6, 2015

We organized an evening inspired by the upcoming federal election, featuring a candidates debate, expert presentations and discussion! Vancouver Quadra candidates were at UBC for a climate-focussed debate, with an interactive portion for questions. The event also features expert talks by Professors George Hoberg, Kathryn Harrison and Max Cameron.

Candidates in attendance:
Liberal Party – Joyce Murray
NDP – Scott Andrews
Green Party – Kris Constable
The Conservative candidate did not attend.


Storm the Riding - Federal Election, March 28, 2015

For our Storm the Riding events we knock on doors and talk to voters about voting with climate in mind. As a non-partisan group we don't endorse candidates. In the spring leading up to the federal election, we went around the Point Grey area talking to voters and collecting pledges so our leaders know that climate change is an issue they cannot ignore. It was a great day of learning and on the ground engagement with the community.

Storm the Riding - Provincial Election, March 9, 2013

This Storm the Riding was a collective canvassing blitz of Point Grey, Vancouver. We went door-to-door in this swing riding to talk to voters about climate change and ask them to pledge to vote with climate in mind in the May BC election.

Government Climate Policy

UBC School Strike for Climate Emergency! - Friday, March 15th

Strike for climate! On March 15th, students from 40+ countries will walk out of their classrooms to demand a bold and just transition to a climate-safe future.

Pull Together Against Kinder Morgan: Coffee House & Fundraiser - 2 November 2018

Despite the Supreme Court ruling sending the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion back to review process, Pull Together is still in need of support for legal fees amassed in their fight against the pipeline. At Seedlings we hosted a coffeehouse with food, music, and a raffle, resulting in a great evening all in support of a great cause!

Pull Together Fundraiser - Seedlings, 13 October, 2017

We continued our opposition to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project by participating in Pull Together's campaign of 9 Days of Solidarity, which was from Oct 2-15. In doing so, we had a successful fundraiser to support First Nations legal battles against the pipeline project as well as showing solidarity by attending the court cases. We had an online fundraiser, and also organized raffles during UBC Common Energy's Vancouver's Largest Clothing Swap. Finally, we also hosted our own event at Seedlings, and had a fun evening of songs, fun and solidarity! 

Youth Against Kinder Morgan: We Still Say No! - September 9, 2017

With Kinder Morgan poised to start construction on its Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, UBC students mobilized to show that we still reject a project that undermines both Indigenous rights and climate action. We paired with the UBC Pride Collective to organized students to come together to the larger Kinder Morgan: We Still Say No rally, hosted by Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver. UBCC350 also helped co-emcee the rally to bring the youth voice into climate action, and show opposition to resource expansion projects that threaten Indigenous rights, and endanger our future and the lives of many.

Climate Coffee House - March 30, 2017

This was a chance to practice and celebrate climate activism and human rights advocacy through art, music, poetry and performance. Offered in partnership with Amnesty International UBC and Sprouts, the coffeehouse raised funds for Pull Together to support First Nations legal challenges to the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Kinder Morgan Vigil - November 21, 2016

We joined a national day of vigils and held a candlelit vigil for Kinder Morgan in front of Koerner Library in recognition that if built, the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project would be disastrous for our climate and for Indigenous rights. This was an evening of personal and collective reflection and sharing on what climate action means to each of us.

Kinder Morgan Bike and Hike - November 19, 2016


In light of the upcoming Kinder Morgan pipeline decision, UBC students mobilized to show our resistance for all that the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project represents. We organized UBC students to create a unified body of young people demanding a better world that converged on the Stop Kinder Morgan: No Consent, No Pipeline rally hosted by Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver. We flooded the streets on buses and bikes to represent a unified body of young people resisting resource extraction projects and demanding a better world.

Earth to Paris Event - November 30, 2015

On the first day of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, we organized a rally for the climate to make our voices heard. We joined students, activists, and concerned citizens all around the world to demand a firm, binding, and ambitious plan to solve the current climate crisis. The fate of our world cannot simply be negotiated by diplomat behind closed doors, so we organized music, speeches, poetry, and a change for participants to write out climate messages they wanted to be heard in Paris and at UBC.

Commit globally, divest locally!

Storm the Riding: Enbridge Opposition - March 31, 2012

We knocked on virtually every door in Premier Christy Clark's riding, spreading information about BC's growing carbon exports and getting signatures on a petition calling on the premier to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Ongoing Projects

Climate Feels


We formed a group that seeks to bridge communities and social movements to enact change. We aim to further an understanding of the intricacies of inequality that overlay and are perpetuated by climate change, using the lens of intersectional feminism. We meet regularly to discuss problematic elements of the climate movement in its current form and envision possibilities for a more just, inclusive and equitable community.

UBC Sustainability Collective

The UBC Sustainability Collective is a grassroots, student-led collection of environmentally-minded campus clubs. It was founded during the summer of 2017 amidst collaborative efforts to advocate for strong sustainability leadership in UBC’s new Strategic Plan. Inspired by the collective power cultivated during the summer project, the group decided to continue meeting regularly to further enable effective collaboration among student groups, to advocate for bold sustainability leadership by UBC and to empower students to effect change through strategic and collective approaches.

Collective Action Workshops

We presented a workshop called "Individual and Collective Approaches to Climate Action" at the UBC Conference on Social Action, organized by Kite Vancouver. Through the workshop, we explore the relative significance of individual and collective actions in addressing systemic global issues, with a focus on climate change. We also discuss how the current systems of neoliberal capitalism and settler colonialism have shaped climate action, and attempt to connect folks to different areas of the climate justice movement.

This workshop will be repeated at multiple conferences, and is also being adapted for presentation to high school students.

UBC's Next Century

UBC's next strategic plan will shape the university's priorities, values and decisions for years to come. We are collaborating with eleven other student groups to ensure that UBC makes bold commitments for sustainability leadership in the new strategic plan.