We organize and advocate for climate action on and off campus. On campus our efforts include organizing rallies, panel discussions, and divestment teach-ins. Off campus we focus on non-partisan face to face conversations with voters. Here are just a few of the events and campaigns we've organized. Want to help fight climate change? Join us!


For our Storm the Riding events we knock on doors and talk to voters to get the message out about voting with the climate in mind. As a non-partisan group we don't endorse candidates.

Storm the Riding I

On March 31, 2012, we knocked on virtually every door in Premier Christy Clark's riding, spreading information about BC's growing carbon exports and getting signatures on a petition calling on the premier to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Storm the Riding II

Storm the Riding II was a collective canvassing blitz of Point Grey, Vancouver. On March 9, 2013, we went door-to-door in this swing riding to talk to voters about climate change and ask them to pledge to vote with climate in mind in the May BC election.

Storm the Riding III

On March 28, 2015, we went around the Point Grey area talking to voters and collecting pledges so our leaders know that climate change is an issue that they cannot ignore. It was a great day of learning and on the ground engagement with the community.

Talks and Teach-Ins

Vote for Our Future - October 6, 2015

"An evening inspired by the upcoming federal election featuring a candidates debate, expert presentations and discussion!
Climate change is one of the most important issues facing Canadians today and it will only become a political priority when voters demand it to be. Your Vancouver Quadra candidates will be at UBC for a climate-focused debate, with an interactive portion when you can send in questions, and an opportunity to chat with them afterwards.

The event also features expert talks by Professors George Hoberg, Kathryn Harrison and Max Cameron."

Candidates in attendance:
Liberal Party – Joyce Murray
NDP – Scott Andrews
Green Party – Kris Constable
The Conservative candidate did not attend

Divestment Teach-In - February 9, 2016

"The UBC Board is pushing against fossil fuel divestment. We're pushing back! Join us for a Divestment Teach-In!

We're joined by speakers Marc Lee, co-director of the Climate Justice Project (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), Anjali Appadurai, climate policy communication expert (West Coast Environmental Law), JP Harrison (President of Genus Capital Management), as well as UBC350’s Alexander Hemingway and Emmett Keyserlingk. They will be leading a timely discussion about fossil fuel divestment.

Modeled after the teach-ins of the 1960’s and 90’s, this Divestment Teach-In is meant to be practical, participatory, and oriented toward action. It’s a great opportunity to get up to speed about where divestment stands after the Board of Governors decision and what it means to the UBC community."

Why UBC Should Divest from Fossil Fuels - November 5, 2013

"The fossil fuel divestment movement is sweeping the globe - and now it is our time as concerned, active members of UBC's community to do our part in carving out a sustainable, environmentally friendly future by campaigning for full divestment from fossil fuel holdings in UBC's endowment."

FEATURING: Tzeporah Berman, renowned environmental organizer
Marc Lee, from the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives
Justin Ritchie, UBC graduate student
Cohen Hocking, UBCC350 student coordinator
MC - Molly Henry, UBCC350

The Board of Governors

Given the Board of Governors' refusal to undertake any reasonable consideration of divestment or consultation with the UBC community on how the endowment is invested in fossil fuels until late 2016, we realized that it was necessary to take the discussion directly to them. We've attended many Board meetings to hand out letters directly to the Governors and speak of the imperative for climate action - we will continue to make a presence at Board meetings until UBC takes full responsibility for its investments.


Earth to Paris Event - November 30, 2015

Leaders from around the globe are meeting in Paris to decide the fate of OUR CLIMATE. On the first day of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, let's RALLY FOR THE CLIMATE and make our voices heard! Students, activists and concerned citizens all around the world are demanding a firm, binding and ambitious plan to solve the climate crisis. We cannot and will not sit idly by as the fate of our world is negotiated by diplomats behind closed doors.

There will be music, speeches and poetry as well as a chance for you to write out the climate message you want heard in Paris AND at UBC!

Commit globally, divest locally!

Fossil Fools Day - April 1st, 2016

On the same day as April Fools Day, we celebrated our own version with a Fossil Fools Day event right in front of the new Student Union Building!

We talked to many people passing by, had them sign our open letter to the new president and took this chance to canvass as well! It was heartening to see many supporters among the student body. The highlight of the event was our banner drop from the top of the Nest! Thanks to everybody who came out to the event!