Join UBCC350 in a pre-rally convergence on campus! A rally is taking place in Vancouver against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion called Stop Kinder Morgan: No Consent, No Pipeline, and UBCC350 is hosting a pre-rally art build and social the morning of the rally to create posters and connect with one another before heading to the rally all together to show our cohesion as a group of UBC students.

The idea is that you can choose to either "bike or hike" to the rally with a group of students. So bring your bike or your compass card and your enthusiasm to demonstrate that you as a UBC student do not support the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.


9:30 - 10 AM : Come mingle and eat with us! Start making signs too, because what's a rally without great signs?

10 - 10:30: Welcome address + continue mingling & eating the awesome breakfast provided!

10:30 - 11 AM: Circle up, coordinate group movements, learn chants!


11 - 12 PM: ON THE ROAD!

12 - 12:15 PM: Bus/Bike/stragglers meet up at 12th and Ash & Meetup with Peace Bearers

12:15 - 12:20 PM: GRAND ENTRANCE!


What is Kinder Morgan?

Kinder Morgan is a pipeline building company, when we say Kinder Morgan we are referring to a pipeline twinning proposal that would see a new larger pipeline built from edmonton through to burnaby mountain where it would be delivered to ships in the burrard inlet.


What does “twinning” the pipeline entail?

“Twinning” means to put a second pipeline along the same route as the existing pieline. It is also misleading as the new pipeline would transport 3 times the volume of the old pipeline. With no plans to discontinue the use of the existing line this would mean a 4x increase in tarsands oil running through our province and our oceans


Why Protest Now?

Prime Minister Trudeau and the National Energy Board are set to deliver their findings and potential approval of the project in early December. This protest is a means to illustrate to our government that we expect them to commit to their COP 22 climate targets and that Expanding our oil exports does not align with those values.


If Pipelines don’t change our national carbon emissions why protest them?

In short because climate change is a global issue. It is well known that roughly 75% of fossil fuel holdings need to remain in the ground in order for us to remain below the 2 degree celsius warming that is the tipping point. By investing in infrastructure to extract and ship this oil we are investing in long term fossil fuel and carbon emissions production. Regardless of where the burning of this fuel is occurring we are all affected by its outcome.


Isn’t a pipeline good for the canadian and BC economies?

For the Canadian economy, likely yes. For BC the impacts will be minimal. The pipeline is projected to create 31 long term jobs in the province. As for the country there would be some jobs created from the pipelines creation. These jobs however come at the cost of the stability of our planet's ecosystems and weather patterns. It is the mentality that the economic benefit overrides any concerns about the preservation that has got us to the tipping point of a climate crisis. It is time to say no.


If we all use fossil fuels isn’t protesting the pipeline Hypocritical?

This is a difficult and intricate issue. While we should all strive to reduce our individual carbon footprint it is hard to see consumer behaviour being the driving factor in climate action at the rate it needs to occur. Instead we believe it is humans coming together and demanding stronger political action form our governments to incentivize fossil fuel alternatives and add the social and environmental costs of fossil fuel extraction/transportation/consumption into the system. These corporations have been subsidized by not being held accountable for their environmental degradation for a long time.